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Lookback at 2016!!

I've been away from this blog from quite some time... but I've decided to make a change... This New Year, I've set new goals, and one of these being a revival of this blog of mine. If things go as planned, and I stick to my resolutions, you will truly see a new me and a newer blog. My vision for this blog is to go from being a business marketing tool to a better reflection of me.

Over the last few years, AllAboutHenna has changed - growth is part of life. The business 'AllAboutHenna' was started close to 7-8 years ago. At that time, the vision was different - we had a team, a plan and then life happened. Today, AllAboutHenna still exists, but it has now become my, Surinder's baby only. I still do henna, and it will always be a part of my life and an expression of my art. Hence, the natural transition for this blog too is to be a reflection of me - my henna, my crafts, my travels and my craziness!

I love to 'hike' - I can go on long walks. The goal is to always look ahead, overcome all hurdles that come your way and keep moving - one step at a time. The path ahead looks tough, the terrain rugged but you need work harder, be stronger and keep on moving. But every once in a while, I like to turn and just look back. It feel amazing to see how far you've come! This motivates me to keep moving forward with a renewed energy and a sense of pride.

Just like life! Just like this blog!

I want to start this new version of this blog by first looking back and celebrating the best of my henna art done this past year. I know there are lot of pictures, but it was hard choosing just a select few! Looking back makes me proud of what I achieved and I look forward to doing more and sharing more with YOU!


Surinder Marbha
My favorite back henna - backward necklace
No this is NOT black henna - I used make-up to create this look! 

Some fun waist work

2016 had quite a bit of shoulder henna! 

Some highlights of hand & feet henna

Some other fun henna designs I really enjoyed doing.

Bunch of fun ladies commemorating their school reunion 

An extension to existing tattoo - she then got this converted to a real one!
Matching cuffs for sisters

Here's looking forward to a great 2017 and hoping for some more creative work!


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