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Bling is In!

We all love some glimmer, glamour & shine. We bling our clothes and our accessories – jewelry, shoes, handbags, headbands and even phones!!! If you love bling, then there are multiple ways of adding that little (or a LOT) of shine & shimmer.  So, why leave body art out of it, right? We at All About Henna tried and tested some ways of adding glamour to the traditional Henna Body art form and here are the results! Option 1 – Ooh Shimmer!
We pouf some loose micro-glitter to just applied henna paste. The wet henna absorbs the glitter and as long as you have the henna paste on you, the glitter stays on too! This is a quick and fun way to add some shimmer to the henna.

Option 2 – Glitter Gel 

Micro-glitter is mixed with gilding paste to create this lovely creation. This is applied after the application of the henna and is applied in the same way as henna, i.e. through an application tube (cone).This way the glitter is filled in details for flowers, leaves, peacocks etc. The glitter gel n…