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Refuge House Cultural Fair

The past weekend, we donated our time and services to a unique foster care / adoption agency here in Dallas called Refuge House ( . With the intent to introduce International Culture to the families and children involved with the agency, the event was extremely well organized and a great mix. The event was attended by nearly 60 families and about 200 children. 
These lovely and beautiful children got to paint Chinese fans, paint pumpkins, make Mexican paper flowers, got entertained by an mariachi band and saw an astounding performance by a Step Group, among other activities. One of the busiest table was ours! 
We were glad to be there for these children - all in exchange for lots of Smiles, Laughs and Hugs! 

Goodbye, Urban Street Bazaar!

The past weekend was the Final Urban Street Bazaar at the Bishop’s Art District in downtown Dallas. As we were wrapping up our wares after the two-day street fair, I was hit by a feeling of sadness, the kind you feel when someone special goes away. I am not really good with Goodbyes and these last moments of make me very nostalgic.
In many ways, one can say that USB was instrumental in the existence of All About Henna. Let me tell you why… About this time, a year ago, was our first ever Craft Fair. So far, we had received a lot of encouragement from our friends and we had just started our Etsy store; however no one really knew about us! When I had researched online for local craft shows, I came across the application for the fair described as ‘Not your mother’s ordinary craft fair’, which really got my interest. I applied and was even selected! On the surprisingly cold Oct day of the fair, we had a very simple booth, but the interest shown by people really got me interested! I said to …