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Tutorial : How to use our Henna Stencils (Imprints)

Time and again people express their desire to be able to make mystical henna tattoo’s themselves. To master the art of henna, either you have to be a natural or you need years of practice. Not anymore! We now have stencils that you can use to trace the henna on you. These are re-usable and last upto 3-4 applications. You can purchase these individually hand-drawn stencils from our etsy store and follow the instructions below to get started on this lovely journey to the world of henna!

Although generally safe, these stencils/ imprints are made of dry ink and if you have sensitive skin or allergic to ink, wax or carbon, please use with care or do not use at all.

Back - Ink Side

You will need the following items handy ;
o All About Henna Design Paper
o Henna paste (in cone or jacquard bottle)
o Gel Deodorant like Speed Stix or Water
o Napkin
o Q - tips
Things You Need to Get Started
Step 1: Prepare your skin – ensure the area to be henna painted is free of oils, lotions and clean. If you have alcohol swabs available, use those to clean your skin off any grime or dirt. At this time, also plan the placement of your pattern. Here, I would like this flower on the outside of my hand, with the stems facing upwards towards me.
Planning Placement of the henna

Step 2: Moisten the skin with either water or a gel based deodorant stick like Speed Stick.

Step 3: Place the ink side of the pattern paper on skin gently. The design side, which is darker and in black, should be facing outwards. Ensure there is no pulling or tugging of the paper, as it can easily tear. Gently tap on the top of the paper to ensure smooth transfer.

Step 4: Lift any one end of the paper and peel the sheet away. The tattoo should be now transfereed to your skin. Do note that this will only be the outlines of the pattern. Keep the stencils paper aside for re-use later.

Step 5: Take your henna paste and apply it on the skin, following the lines of the pattern on your skin. You can use our “Fresh mixed cones” or any paste you are comfortable using.

Trace over pattern with henna

Step 6: Thicken the lines and fill in details to your liking, or just leave the tattoo as is. Here I have filled in the flower in two different styles using the same stencils. You can use the Q-tips to fix errors or clear excess henna.
Use Q-Tips to clear mistakes and refine the edges
Step 7: Leave your henna to dry for 4 to 6 hours and follow steps you would normally use for henna after care.
Final Design
If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at Happy hennaing!


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