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Urban Street Bazaar April 10th and 11th 2010

Our bedazzled line has been inspired from the vibrant colors of India. India is a country with heritage, beautiful colors and rich textures. We have imported colorful crystals from India to incorporate these into the henna patterns to provide you an option to bring in a taste of the far away land of India into your home. We are promoting the handmade movement and believe that all the good things in life are closer than we can imagine. These will feature exclusively in the upcoming Urban Bazaar 2010 on April 10 and 11 in Bishop Arts District. This is an outdoor street market featuring Modern Crafters and Handmade Product in the Historic Bishop Arts District If you love hand made and the Etsy stores you will fall in love with the Urban street Bazaar. The current weather forecast is perfect for the upcoming weekend.. it will be in the mid 70’s with clear skies.. We look forward to seeing you all there..

Vacationing at home

Many a time I find myself scavenging through numerous websites trying to find that perfect vacation destination with that prefect deal… I even tried to entice some friends for a road trip to make the dollar go further J.. After number of hours spent on the web and countless emails exchanged with friends it was looking like none of the deals exist and that everyone has clashing schedules. I was determined to vacation ...This is what I did.. blocked weekend off from my social calendar planned to spend some quality time at home enjoying it with the luxuries of a hotel and simple pleasures that a usual weekend blocked with social commitments doesn’t allow...I used some aromatic candles in the hurricane shells we had recently created for the living room to give it a nice chic look, booked a massage, marinated some fish for a BBQ by the lake. It was perfect ....I realized that sometimes all you need is a free weekend relaxing at home sipping on some delicious wine by the warmth of a firepl…

Made for each other ..

Do you remember the first fast paced heart beat when you met your soul mate? It is feeling that can’t be described something that can only be experienced.. a feeling on being on “top of the world”…love is something that cannot be defined, it is a sensation that can only be expressed…This pair of candles is inspired from love. These designs are from the Mughal era of India, an era which made India one of the richest countries of that time… These designs symbolize wealth, prosperity and happiness. It was this era in which the Taj Mahal was built as a symbol of timeless love and devotion. This pair has been designed with love and for someone who wants to present it to their soul mate as a symbol of relentless love and passion. This pair is one of its kind like the Taj Mahal and is a part of our “Bedazzled” collection. Though every different in their appearance there is an abstract bond between the two.

Candles are forever!!

We all have heard the phrase that diamonds are forever, one of the most common feedback that we have received from our customers is that our candles are "too beautiful to burn". This inspired us to start our new line of flameless candles adorned with henna art and Swarovski crystals. This one in particular is going to be our show stopper at the upcoming Funky Finds on March 13th in Fort Worth TX. This candle is also inspired by the beautiful colors of spring, we have incorporated flowers and leaves in the form of henna patterns on this flameless candle and added accents of stunning Swarovski crystals. The end product simply breath taking .. when we saw this finished product we was so glad that it was crafted on a flameless candle and this will be something that will last forever and can even be passed down generations ( as long as AA batteries are in production this candle will live :) ) .
Its true elegance is seen in a dimly lit room when the warm glow of the flame reflects …

Henna Art

Henna in its natural forms is green in color. We have however enhanced its appearance by added black color to it so that it contrasts with the background of the candle. It is very important to note that we don’t recommend burning this candle or using back henna on your skin as it may react with skin…However black henna looks beautiful on different medium and we are planning to experiment with it on fabric, lamp shades and even photo frames. We are also planning to introduce Swarovski crystals in the next line which with we are considering naming Bedazzled !!! Stay tuned for updates on the process of making these beauties..

Spring is here - Funky FInds 2010

The next 2 weeks are going to be very crucial.. this is the first event allabouthenna will be hosting since its birth in January 2010. this is where we are establishing our brand our image the customers we are targeting... who are we ? we are originating from India bringing the culture to distant lands and sharing vibrant colors , henna patters and other art with the rest of the world.. Henna an ancient art has been used by us to create the various forms of At, we have used henna on jewellery boxes, candles, wall art, candle holders..and we have plans to experiment further on so many more forms..At the funky finds in Fort Worth we are setting up a stall where not only will we be displaying these new exciting innovation s with Henna, we are also planning to have a low seating arrangement with ethnic decor Henna Artists we will be applying henna to the body, arms, palms, or anywhere else you can imagine...:) these are temporary tatooes and lookabsolutely amazing.. we are also planning t…