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Holiday Open House

We are proud to announce that we are hosting our first Holiday Open House and everyone is invited! 

AllAboutHenna had a fantastic year so far and none of this would have been possible without the support and encouragement of our friends, family and customers. We sincerely thank everyone for the same. We are constantly evolving and innovating to bring finest hand-crafted products and to celebrate our work, we are hosting our first Holiday Open House onSaturday, December 11, 2010 !!

At this event, we will be showcasing our largest collection of intricately designed handicrafts - with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. The range of items include Paintings, Framed Artwork, Candles, Lanterns, and our signature Hurricane Candle Holders. One of the highlights of this event is the unique opportunity to meet our talented artists and get a quick non-permanent body tattoo (Highly recommended!).

So, if you are in the Dallas area, come in to see our new line of products specially des…

Thank You!

Today, we want to thank all of you for supporting us this wonderful year. Your encouragement has been our motivation to spread the beautiful art of henna.

As your thoughts turn to holiday gift-giving, we invite you to shop with the satisfaction of knowing that each product you buy from us is indeed the most unique piece - a precious valuable piece of art.

We want to extend our gratitude by offering a 20% discount on all your purchases at our online Etsy store. Use coupon code 'HENNALOVE', which will be valid right until November 30th.

Happy Holidays from AllAboutHenna

Refuge House Cultural Fair

The past weekend, we donated our time and services to a unique foster care / adoption agency here in Dallas called Refuge House ( . With the intent to introduce International Culture to the families and children involved with the agency, the event was extremely well organized and a great mix. The event was attended by nearly 60 families and about 200 children. 
These lovely and beautiful children got to paint Chinese fans, paint pumpkins, make Mexican paper flowers, got entertained by an mariachi band and saw an astounding performance by a Step Group, among other activities. One of the busiest table was ours! 
We were glad to be there for these children - all in exchange for lots of Smiles, Laughs and Hugs! 

Goodbye, Urban Street Bazaar!

The past weekend was the Final Urban Street Bazaar at the Bishop’s Art District in downtown Dallas. As we were wrapping up our wares after the two-day street fair, I was hit by a feeling of sadness, the kind you feel when someone special goes away. I am not really good with Goodbyes and these last moments of make me very nostalgic.
In many ways, one can say that USB was instrumental in the existence of All About Henna. Let me tell you why… About this time, a year ago, was our first ever Craft Fair. So far, we had received a lot of encouragement from our friends and we had just started our Etsy store; however no one really knew about us! When I had researched online for local craft shows, I came across the application for the fair described as ‘Not your mother’s ordinary craft fair’, which really got my interest. I applied and was even selected! On the surprisingly cold Oct day of the fair, we had a very simple booth, but the interest shown by people really got me interested! I said to …

Tutorial : How to use our Henna Stencils (Imprints)

Time and again people express their desire to be able to make mystical henna tattoo’s themselves. To master the art of henna, either you have to be a natural or you need years of practice. Not anymore! We now have stencils that you can use to trace the henna on you. These are re-usable and last upto 3-4 applications. You can purchase these individually hand-drawn stencils from our etsy store and follow the instructions below to get started on this lovely journey to the world of henna!

Although generally safe, these stencils/ imprints are made of dry ink and if you have sensitive skin or allergic to ink, wax or carbon, please use with care or do not use at all.

You will need the following items handy ; oAll About Henna Design Paper oHenna paste (in cone or jacquard bottle) oGel Deodorant like Speed Stix or Water oNapkin oQ - tips Step 1: Prepare your skin – ensure the area to be henna painted is free of oils, lotions and clean. If you have alcohol swabs available, use those to clean your ski…

Henna: An Art or A Dye?

Recently someone who visited our Etsy store, showed surprise on our store’s description that which describes henna as an art form which is centuries old. Frankly, I was surprised at her! But it got me thinking that different people look at henna in so many different ways and to understand this better, let’s understand what comprises a dye and what is art.
The dictionary definition for dye is “a coloring material or matter. Or a liquid containing coloring matter, for imparting a particular hue to cloth, paper, etc. Or color or hue, esp. as produced by dyeing.” (Source : If you look at henna’s natural properties, that is true. Henna leaves a color on your skin, hair, fabric or paper. By that definition, henna surely is a dye.
Now let’s look at art which the site has defined as “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.” Henna has been used in the past and …

Bazaar Days May 8th- Celebrate with Mom!

Spring shopping has never been this fun. Get ready to shop local in hip Addison Circle. You won`t want to miss this unique shopping experience. Free admission - Free Parking Unique Shopping Experience Mother`s Day Special Addison Conference Centre MAY 8 2010 10 am - 5.30 pm.

Product Collection

My Mehendi Designs

Wedding Fever...

The onset of summer marks the beginning of joy and excitement. Soon there will be a long weekend after a wait for 5 long months …Summer is a favorite time for weddings.. We are getting ready this season with a new unique collection of wedding décor and favors.. we are integrating the theme of the wedding into Hurricane candles and centre pieces, art work and more. This theme will also be woven around the wedding favors for guests to take back as a memory from this special wedding… The whole world is turning green and guess what, we are ahead of the curve and already Green ! J We want everyone to have a chance to bring in a piece of nature into their bedroom’s, living rooms or even work spaces.. Eco friendly wedding favors are in and these favors are in the same spirit as they are reusable…Our favorite part about helping in a wedding is being able to absorb the energy, excitement and love being experienced by the couple and transforming it into something exquisite.. We want the bride …

The new wave in candles….

The past few months have had us thinking on ways to enhance our collection to meet the aesthetic demands of our customers and also how to innovate such that we can add fragrances to the candles without burning them down. Inspired form the “Candles are Forever” collection is our new collection of “Hurricane candles”. These Hurricane Candles are made of a special kind of wax that is tolerant to heat, thus enabling us to adorn these with henna patterns, Swarovski crystals and other colored gems. They come is many different sizes and shapes thus suiting the varying demands of our customers. The highlight of these candles is that these are hollow thus allowing us to place different votive or tea lite candles in them to be able to modify the fragrance to suit the mood. This collection helps retain the original beauty of a burning candle and simultaneously preserves the decoration on the candle. The picture displayed is of our first Hurricane Candle with a modern pattern of leaves and …

Urban Street Bazaar April 10th and 11th 2010

Our bedazzled line has been inspired from the vibrant colors of India. India is a country with heritage, beautiful colors and rich textures. We have imported colorful crystals from India to incorporate these into the henna patterns to provide you an option to bring in a taste of the far away land of India into your home. We are promoting the handmade movement and believe that all the good things in life are closer than we can imagine. These will feature exclusively in the upcoming Urban Bazaar 2010 on April 10 and 11 in Bishop Arts District. This is an outdoor street market featuring Modern Crafters and Handmade Product in the Historic Bishop Arts District If you love hand made and the Etsy stores you will fall in love with the Urban street Bazaar. The current weather forecast is perfect for the upcoming weekend.. it will be in the mid 70’s with clear skies.. We look forward to seeing you all there..

Vacationing at home

Many a time I find myself scavenging through numerous websites trying to find that perfect vacation destination with that prefect deal… I even tried to entice some friends for a road trip to make the dollar go further J.. After number of hours spent on the web and countless emails exchanged with friends it was looking like none of the deals exist and that everyone has clashing schedules. I was determined to vacation ...This is what I did.. blocked weekend off from my social calendar planned to spend some quality time at home enjoying it with the luxuries of a hotel and simple pleasures that a usual weekend blocked with social commitments doesn’t allow...I used some aromatic candles in the hurricane shells we had recently created for the living room to give it a nice chic look, booked a massage, marinated some fish for a BBQ by the lake. It was perfect ....I realized that sometimes all you need is a free weekend relaxing at home sipping on some delicious wine by the warmth of a firepl…

Made for each other ..

Do you remember the first fast paced heart beat when you met your soul mate? It is feeling that can’t be described something that can only be experienced.. a feeling on being on “top of the world”…love is something that cannot be defined, it is a sensation that can only be expressed…This pair of candles is inspired from love. These designs are from the Mughal era of India, an era which made India one of the richest countries of that time… These designs symbolize wealth, prosperity and happiness. It was this era in which the Taj Mahal was built as a symbol of timeless love and devotion. This pair has been designed with love and for someone who wants to present it to their soul mate as a symbol of relentless love and passion. This pair is one of its kind like the Taj Mahal and is a part of our “Bedazzled” collection. Though every different in their appearance there is an abstract bond between the two.

Candles are forever!!

We all have heard the phrase that diamonds are forever, one of the most common feedback that we have received from our customers is that our candles are "too beautiful to burn". This inspired us to start our new line of flameless candles adorned with henna art and Swarovski crystals. This one in particular is going to be our show stopper at the upcoming Funky Finds on March 13th in Fort Worth TX. This candle is also inspired by the beautiful colors of spring, we have incorporated flowers and leaves in the form of henna patterns on this flameless candle and added accents of stunning Swarovski crystals. The end product simply breath taking .. when we saw this finished product we was so glad that it was crafted on a flameless candle and this will be something that will last forever and can even be passed down generations ( as long as AA batteries are in production this candle will live :) ) .
Its true elegance is seen in a dimly lit room when the warm glow of the flame reflects …

Henna Art

Henna in its natural forms is green in color. We have however enhanced its appearance by added black color to it so that it contrasts with the background of the candle. It is very important to note that we don’t recommend burning this candle or using back henna on your skin as it may react with skin…However black henna looks beautiful on different medium and we are planning to experiment with it on fabric, lamp shades and even photo frames. We are also planning to introduce Swarovski crystals in the next line which with we are considering naming Bedazzled !!! Stay tuned for updates on the process of making these beauties..

Spring is here - Funky FInds 2010

The next 2 weeks are going to be very crucial.. this is the first event allabouthenna will be hosting since its birth in January 2010. this is where we are establishing our brand our image the customers we are targeting... who are we ? we are originating from India bringing the culture to distant lands and sharing vibrant colors , henna patters and other art with the rest of the world.. Henna an ancient art has been used by us to create the various forms of At, we have used henna on jewellery boxes, candles, wall art, candle holders..and we have plans to experiment further on so many more forms..At the funky finds in Fort Worth we are setting up a stall where not only will we be displaying these new exciting innovation s with Henna, we are also planning to have a low seating arrangement with ethnic decor Henna Artists we will be applying henna to the body, arms, palms, or anywhere else you can imagine...:) these are temporary tatooes and lookabsolutely amazing.. we are also planning t…