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Come, #EatWith Me!

If you know me, then you know I love food! And the passion for food these days has extended from not just eating good food, but making good food. This is something that has actually grown on me. Being the youngest of 4, and add to that that both my elder sisters & of course mom, are fantastic in the kitchen, I never had the need nor the urge to step in a learn to cook myself!

Indians have a long standing tradition of having 'home cooked' meals - every Indian will describe to you how they woke up to not the alarm, but the scent of the complex aromas arising from Mom's kitchen... or as a kid, you recognized your friend's home afar by your nose!

Our food is rich & diverse, just like our culture. Honestly, I have been very fortunate to have been exposed to foods from not just across India, but all over the world. Both my home towns - Mumbai, where I grew up, and Dallas, where I now live, are a melting pot of cultures from around the world. Hence, I really count mys…
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Lookback at 2016!!

I've been away from this blog from quite some time... but I've decided to make a change... This New Year, I've set new goals, and one of these being a revival of this blog of mine. If things go as planned, and I stick to my resolutions, you will truly see a new me and a newer blog. My vision for this blog is to go from being a business marketing tool to a better reflection of me.

Over the last few years, AllAboutHenna has changed - growth is part of life. The business 'AllAboutHenna' was started close to 7-8 years ago. At that time, the vision was different - we had a team, a plan and then life happened. Today, AllAboutHenna still exists, but it has now become my, Surinder's baby only. I still do henna, and it will always be a part of my life and an expression of my art. Hence, the natural transition for this blog too is to be a reflection of me - my henna, my crafts, my travels and my craziness!

I love to 'hike' - I can go on long walks. The goal is t…

Bling is In!

We all love some glimmer, glamour & shine. We bling our clothes and our accessories – jewelry, shoes, handbags, headbands and even phones!!! If you love bling, then there are multiple ways of adding that little (or a LOT) of shine & shimmer.  So, why leave body art out of it, right? We at All About Henna tried and tested some ways of adding glamour to the traditional Henna Body art form and here are the results! Option 1 – Ooh Shimmer!
We pouf some loose micro-glitter to just applied henna paste. The wet henna absorbs the glitter and as long as you have the henna paste on you, the glitter stays on too! This is a quick and fun way to add some shimmer to the henna.

Option 2 – Glitter Gel 

Micro-glitter is mixed with gilding paste to create this lovely creation. This is applied after the application of the henna and is applied in the same way as henna, i.e. through an application tube (cone).This way the glitter is filled in details for flowers, leaves, peacocks etc. The glitter gel n…

This Valentine - Wear Your Love!

They say wearing aka tattooing your loved ones name is probably the ultimate symbol of your love!! It's no wonder then that many stars & celebrities have personalized tattoos inked on then. 
No, we don't suggest you do the same, but how about getting a personalized temporary tattoo  with henna and flaunt your love to the world!!! 
Henna tattoos are fun, safe, trendy, quick, painless and best of all - AFFORDABLE. 
Here are some samples to get you started on ideas. And if you are the shy type, then you can get a henna tattoo with a special message or meaning, which only you and your loved one knows! 
Traditionally too, most Indian brides get their would be husband's name incorporated in the intricate bridal henna. The custom is for the husband to find his name for a 'special' prize!

Book us early for your personalized henna session this Valentine's day - Call 214-620-0758 or email

Holiday Open House

We are proud to announce that we are hosting our first Holiday Open House and everyone is invited! 

AllAboutHenna had a fantastic year so far and none of this would have been possible without the support and encouragement of our friends, family and customers. We sincerely thank everyone for the same. We are constantly evolving and innovating to bring finest hand-crafted products and to celebrate our work, we are hosting our first Holiday Open House onSaturday, December 11, 2010 !!

At this event, we will be showcasing our largest collection of intricately designed handicrafts - with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. The range of items include Paintings, Framed Artwork, Candles, Lanterns, and our signature Hurricane Candle Holders. One of the highlights of this event is the unique opportunity to meet our talented artists and get a quick non-permanent body tattoo (Highly recommended!).

So, if you are in the Dallas area, come in to see our new line of products specially des…

Thank You!

Today, we want to thank all of you for supporting us this wonderful year. Your encouragement has been our motivation to spread the beautiful art of henna.

As your thoughts turn to holiday gift-giving, we invite you to shop with the satisfaction of knowing that each product you buy from us is indeed the most unique piece - a precious valuable piece of art.

We want to extend our gratitude by offering a 20% discount on all your purchases at our online Etsy store. Use coupon code 'HENNALOVE', which will be valid right until November 30th.

Happy Holidays from AllAboutHenna

Refuge House Cultural Fair

The past weekend, we donated our time and services to a unique foster care / adoption agency here in Dallas called Refuge House ( . With the intent to introduce International Culture to the families and children involved with the agency, the event was extremely well organized and a great mix. The event was attended by nearly 60 families and about 200 children. 
These lovely and beautiful children got to paint Chinese fans, paint pumpkins, make Mexican paper flowers, got entertained by an mariachi band and saw an astounding performance by a Step Group, among other activities. One of the busiest table was ours! 
We were glad to be there for these children - all in exchange for lots of Smiles, Laughs and Hugs!